Tipping Point

Well guys, had an audition for Tipping Point yesterday. If I’ve been successful in being chosen to go on the show I should hear within a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!


Exciting news

The amazingly talented Erica Wildflower Ridgeway has offered to design a collection inspired by the Four Seasons series of books and to hold a fashion show to exhibit the collection. We are hoping this will take place around Halloween and I am beyond excited at the prospect. For more on Erica and her amazing designs please visit her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Diamondsareforevervintage?pnref=about.work

And I’m also pretty chuffed to say we are currently 10K words and rising for the final book in the Four Seasons series, Sheyenne Fall.ย  Hopefully this will be out before the summer ends. Mind you, someone needs to let Mother Nature know it’s time that started!

Book 4 – Spoiler alert

I know it’s a little ‘sad’ but I’m so excited. Had the weirdest dream last night, and now Book 4 has a new Warlock! Can’t wait to see how his character develops. The weirdest thing of all, in my head, in my dream, he looks just like Scott, John Barrowman’s husband. It’s gonna be a very ‘attractive’ cast for the final book in the Four Seasons series!

Sheyenne Fall

Four Seasons: Book 4 – Chapter 3 ๐Ÿ™‚

4500 words and counting, I wouldn’t say I’m at the ‘words are flowing’ state yet but I’m getting there! In the meantime, if you haven’t had chance to start the Four Seasons series yet, why not log onto Amazon and download Book 1, Winter of Discontent for just 99p / 99c. Here’s the links to help get you started:



Those first tentative steps

Well guys, I’m only 1200 words into Book 4 but it’s a start!

Had a super comment earlier from Caroline Johnson on Facebook.

“Can’t wait, after the bombshell at the end of 3, I went back and re read 2 and then again……just incase I missed something about that ending. Frigging love this story and how it’s evolving xx”

It is vital to an author’s development to get constructive feedback from the readers and I’m truly grateful for all the reviews on Amazon and the comments on social media. Thank you all.

Book 4 – Four Seasons: Sheyenne Fall

Well guys, the final instalment of Four Seasons is now under way. I’ve pretty much got the story straight in my head so the long slog to the finish line has begun.

I hope it will give you the ending you are hoping for, though I imagine there are some in the ‘yes they should be together’ camp and some in the ‘no they shouldn’t be together’ camp. Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me.

Watch this space ๐Ÿ™‚

Tipping Point

Well I heard today I have an audition for Tipping Point. Just the thought of standing that close to Ben Shepherd makes me feel a little unnecessary!! Good job it’s not hosted by John Barrowman!!

I love the whole process of being on a TV show, right from the first audition through to the actually filming. The people that run the auditions tend to be really fabulous, encouraging, joyful folks that make the whole thing so much fun. ย Can’t wait.

Watch this space to see how I get on x

The Tin Man

Well guys, mom and I saw the totally amazing John Barrowman in Birmingham last Saturday night, definitely worth paying extra to get close to the stage – he was electrifying.

As he was such an inspiration for the character of Michael, I left a copy of The Tin Man for him with security. I hope it reached him ๐Ÿ™‚

I hoping to do a prequel for this novel in time, from the perspective of Carl Ryan. Just need to get this series of supernatural books out the way first. ย Will keep you all updated as it progresses.

Book 4 – Four Seasons: Sheyenne Fall

Well, I’ve had a week off from writing following the publication of Book 3, Four Seasons: Summer Storm. I currently have a competition running on my T S Harvey facebook page to win signed copies of the first editions of Books 1 & 2 so pop over and take a look when you get a moment. I plan on starting Book 4 in the next couple of weeks – just need to get some plot lines straight in my mind and then I’ll be good to go. Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚